An of the options more used to move is is rent a bike in Formentera. Whether you want a moped as a motorcycle, in the port of Formentera will find Rentacar with a wide range of vehicles. The companies are visible anything more out of the station of the Savina.

Advantages of renting bikes in Formentera

There are several advantages that can offer you rent a motorbike in Formentera repect to the car. For starters, they are cheaper. Both at the time of making the rental as of the consumption of fuel, its expenditure is lower.

The chances of finding parking increase in most tourist spots both little frequented places.

Disadvantages of renting a scooter in Formentera

Driving a motorcycle in Formentera can be an experience wonderful, provided not have chosen have your first experience driving this vehicle. The roads of Formentera are not especially wide and road traffic can be very dense. If not you’ve never been this type of vehicle, we recommend that you decant for a car rental in Formentera.

Climatology in Formentera rarely is adverse, but if you find yourself with it, driving a motorcycle is not a good option. You must also take into account that the island air is very salty so you will have to increase sunscreen if you’re going on a motorcycle.

If you have baggage, move in a moped can be an unpleasant experience.

Not is advisable to travel with minor in this type of vehicles.

Comfort and fun for the group travel increase when travelling on a rental car.

Bike tours on the island of Formentera

With a rented bike going to perform the same way that a car, although if a moped is somewhat slower. Keep that in mind if you have to return to the port to catch the boat back. Pay special attention during your visit to the lighthouse of la Mola, of must-see. The road has enough tilt, so extreme your precautions both to the rise as, above all, to the lowered. Enjoy with of the best of motorcycle and moped on the island of Formentera.

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