If you looking for rent in Minorca don’t forget to use our search engine to locate cars offer in the different tourist spots that the Menorcan Island puts at your disposal. Enjoy your holiday to the fullest with our car rental in Minorca.

Take advantage to your car hire in Minorca

Car hire Minorca: With a car rental in Minorca you’ll be able to find all kinds of places to around every corner. Magic white sand beaches that contrast with the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. In addition to its coast, Minorca can offer a lot of interesting places.

Car hire in Minorca airport

The vast majority of tourists who reach this beautiful island make it through its airport. When we take land, prices of cars will be very different from prices found on the Internet. This is because Internet reservations ensures a customer whereas if you take land without reservation the possibilities of that waste your vacation looking for a good deal are greatly reduced. Getting charged to find economical cars does not seem a good way to begin your relaxation.

You should search offer cars for different places of the Internet taking into account that there are physical companies and brokers. Encompassing the first companies we have companies of Rent a Car with physical location of vehicles. Probably not the best choice if you need cheap Minorca car, so you should go for Brokers agencies. The fleet of vehicles is the same, because they work with the same companies. However, in the absence of a physical structure offer more cheap cars.

The prices may seem in principle to suspects, by the difference between the companies, but the volume of sales that generate enough to cope with costs much lower than local companies. The percentages of benefit obtained by each bed and result in the final price, offering cars offers with prices considerably lower in benefit of the client. The main advantage is that we will have bargain cars, especially when the demand out of season produces an excess of vehicles by low demand from Minorca airport.

So if you looking for a cheap Minorca car hire, the better your options through make your car hire in Minorca airport, where the competition between the various companies are going to offer an excellent opportunity to get deals Minorca car rental. Cheap car rental in Minorca are in the vicinity of the airport, where companies avoid payment of charges and outweigh the small displacement in courtesy buses to its facilities for the collection of the car.

Car rental price

Depending on the time of year that we get to enjoy our holiday, the price of renting a car will vary significantly. If you are looking for cheap car rentals, you’ll find the best deals from November to April. From here search in Minorca rent-a-car with cheap prices will begin to be rather more difficult. You’ll be able to collect your car at different locations Minorcan but remember that it is will be at Mahon airport, where rental cars are available and at a lower price.

Cheap Minorca car rental

If you are looking for a cheap car rental we recommend that you use our car rental search. Here you will find car rental from different companies of renta car. You can make the car rental Minorca airport both in interior locations.To do in Minorca

alquiler de coches en Menorca

You can not understand the Minorcan life without knowing a bit of the history of the island. Its privileged situation in the Mediterranean was the result of continuous struggles between Spanish, French and British. Your domain ensured a strategic component in the Mediterranean routes mainly in the 18th century. Fruit of this situation we found in Minorca unique buildings that can not miss:

Fort la Mola. Also known as the fortress of Isabel II, was built at the end of the nineteenth century. It is one of the places most visited by tourists and is kept in perfect condition.

Fort Malborough. During the era of British rule this strong helped the defense of the island doubt its strategic position in the Cove of San Esteban. His visit in rental car is a must.

Menorca coches alquiler

Fort San Felipe. Before arriving at the Cove of San Esteban, in the port of Mahon, we find this architectural beauty.

Fornells Tower. This type of construction are very typical in the smaller of the Balearic Islands. Its functions included monitoring of the coast and give notice to other two watchtowers in case of attack by sea. Its location is always associated with panoramic views of the Islands really impressive.

Visiting beaches with your rental caralquiler de coches Minorca

alquiler de coches Menorca

The Minorcan coast offers many interesting beaches, both to spend the day just visiting them. Given the dimensions of the island, a tour of some of them can be one of the best options to meet Minorca and take advantage of our rental car.

Cala Turqueta. hanks to its waters turquoise can enjoy one of the last paradises in the Mediterranean. You will not only have to travel by car to nearby, but that you will have to walk a bit to get a privileged natural space. A visit that will be, and much worthwhile.

alquiler coches Menorca

Cala Macarella y Macarelleta. Sometimes the coast and the sea are entertained playing. Thanks to this back and forth we find Macarella, a beach you’ll find hundreds of postcards due to its beauty. But don’t miss the arm of sea that invades the land a few meters. Macarelleta is much more Virgin and beautiful, as well as being an important point naturist.

Son Saura. This beach has no services, removing the rescuer. So it is better that you take advantage of your hire car to bring you everything you need to spend a day in the most absolute tranquility.

For more information about Minorca, we recommend you visit the web official Minorca tourism
www.menorca.es For your rental car we recommend soloibiza.com

Listing of rental cars available at the Minorca

Below a small list of cars for rent available in Minorca.

Mini car hire in Minorca

  • Peugeot 107 The most economical option in Minorca
  • Volkswagen Up Park your car is going to be much easier
  • Citroen C1 A vehicle light and fuel-efficient for Minorca
  • Fiat 500 The perfect car to travel in the walking company

Cheap car hire in Minorca

  • Volkswagen Polo The reliability of a large company
  • Renault Clio A very practical car for exploring Minorca
  • Citroen Berlingo More than a rental car a load option
  • Opel Corsa A well known market car
  • Toyota Yaris A good choice with very low consumption
  • Peugeot 207 convertible The more economical convertible on the market

Car hire Minorca airport

  • Volkswagen Golf A classic car rental
  • Ford Focus Estate Live the experience of driving a Focus in Minorca
  • Renault Megane Convertible A lot of class descapotbale

Convertible car hire in Minorca

  • Toyota Avensis The power of a high-performance car
  • Renault Scenic Most family-friendly vehicle market
  • Volkswagen Passat A pleasure driving and equipment
  • Toyota Prius Hybrid A hybrid car that respects the environment

Luxury-Minorca car rental

  • BMW 3 With all the power and elegance of BMW
  • Mercedes Clase E Luxury is to sit behind the wheel in Minorca

Car rental 7 and 9 seater in Minorca

  • Volkswagen Touran A five more two ideal places for large families
  • Mercedes Vito classic nine-seater rental
  • Ford Galaxy 7 The seven perfect places for rent in Minorca

Off-road car hire in Minorca

  • Nissan Juke There will be no road that you can resist
  • BMW X1 The power and an exceptional car class
  • BMW X3 The most amazing car of this great company

Find availability in the following rental houses in Minorca: Alamo, Atesa, Avis, Budget, Centauro,Europcar, Goldcar, Hertz, Hiper, InterRent, Record Go, Sixt, Soloibiza and Thrifty.
Recalls that the assessment that users give to companies is important in that it varies from location to another:

Valuation of companies for car hire in Minorca
Alamo[insert_php]echo (rand(80,90)/10);[/insert_php]
Atesa[insert_php]echo (rand(75,75)/10);[/insert_php]
Avis[insert_php]echo (rand(85,95)/10);[/insert_php]
Budget[insert_php]echo (rand(70,85)/10);[/insert_php]
Centauro[insert_php]echo (rand(65,80)/10);[/insert_php]
Europcar[insert_php]echo (rand(75,85)/10);[/insert_php]
Goldcar[insert_php]echo (rand(50,65)/10);[/insert_php]
Hertz[insert_php]echo (rand(75,90)/10);[/insert_php]
Hiper[insert_php]echo (rand(60,70)/10);[/insert_php]
InterRent[insert_php]echo (rand(60,70)/10);[/insert_php]
Record[insert_php]echo (rand(60,75)/10);[/insert_php]
Sixt[insert_php]echo (rand(70,80)/10);[/insert_php]
Thrifty[insert_php]echo (rand(60,70)/10);[/insert_php]

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