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Car Hire Seville focuses mainly in the area of San Pablo Airport. It is one of the two entrances to the city for those who do not travel by road, as well as the Santa Justa train station. If you arrive at Seville in aircraft, you have the opportunity to make a car reservation in advance, which we recommend.

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To visit with the car hire in Sevilla

Car rental Seville: If you enjoy Seville car rental can take to visit the city and one of the most beautiful Spanish cities. You can also explore the surrounding villages and see really unique monuments. At the moment, you anticipate some places to take advantage of your car rental.

Places and monuments of Seville, essential if you visit Seville with your rental car.

Seville is the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia. It has a population of approximately 1,700,000 inhabitants.
Geographically it is located in the lower course of the Guadalquivir River and on the shores of the same, only 20 metres above sea level.

It borders north with the Extremaduran province of Badajoz, to the South with the province of Cadiz and to the East with Cordoba and Malaga.

Enjoy a continental Mediterranean climate with mild and short winters and long, warm summers, with temperatures between 5.5 ° on average in January and the 38-year average in the month of August. Rainy days are average 52 per year and the hours of sunshine 2.899.

The Cathedral and the Reales Alcazares, are the set that best represents the power that for centuries made Sevilla one of the wealthiest and most important European cities. The Cathedral to be the symbol of religious power and the Alcazar for having been the residence of political power for many years. We recommend your car hire in Sevilla with so you don’t miss a single detail of the city of wonder

The Cathedral

Tel. – 954-214-971. Accessed through the door of San Cristobal.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 11:00 h to 17:00 h. The price of the ticket is of
€7.50, children under 12 years do not pay, pensioners and students 2 euros. Sunday is you can have free access during worship, but only to shrines where worship takes place.alquiler de coches Sevilla

alquiler de coches Sevilla

La Giralda

It is of the most important temples of Christianity, it begins in 1.402 on an old mosque which is the Minaret known as La Giralda (to 97,52 m from the ground) the views from the top are breathtaking and it makes it worth the climb, the Bell Tower was definitely transformed in the second half of the 12th century.

Puerta del Perdón

Era la puerta principal de acceso a la mezquita y conserva todavía restos almohades, quedan las
arquerías hispanomusulmanas originales en dos de sus lados.

Door of forgiveness

It was the main gateway to the mosque and retains still remains Almohad, remain the hispanomusulmanas original in two side arches.

alquiler coches Sevilla aeropuerto

Chapel of the Sagrario

Built in the 17TH century after the demolition of the Almohad archery on that side. Used as a parish.

The railings

At the beginning of the 16th century, is the work of Francisco de Salamanca. Choir, his grating is also of Francisco Salamanca and its interior include the lectern, work of several sculptors and the bodies of large proportions and assembled in the 18th century.

Main sacristy

Completed in 1543, kept paintings by Murillo, Morales and Bayeu among other envelope leaving the great at the end of the 16th century processional monstrance.

Door of the assumption

Originally Gothic, he was not built until the 19th century, was completed in 1833.The two sides are of the 15th century. Bulk figures are artists Pedro Millán and Mercadante of Britain.

Triumph Plaza

The monument of this square thanks for the few damage to the city during the 1755 earthquake, which struck Lisbon.

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The Reales Alcazares

To be reconquered by the Christians Fernando III didn’t find place better in the city to settle to the alcazar, then his son Alfonso X El Sabio, performs a series of modernizations in the Gothic style. To 1340, Alfonso XI built the Hall of Justice or tips in mudejar style. Between 1364 and 1366 Pedro I the Cruel ordered the most striking part, builds the Palace which bears his name for whose construction brings artists of Toledo and Granada.

The Catholic monarchs are also in Palace and perform modifications on the top floor for private rooms: Queen’s quarter, Oratorio of the Católicos Reyes. The Austria also make their contribution, Carlos V marries in los Alcázares Isabel of Portugal and again takes part in its expansion and modernization: high corridor of maidens, ceiling of the room of Charles V, halt. His son Felipe II in 1625 built a corral of comedies with wooden in the Monteria Patio ceiling but at the end of the period of the Austria there is a fire which was finished with all the alcazar that the theater of the Monteria Patio was lost. The Bourbons also spend long periods in the Alcázar and here are various members born and today is still the residence of the Royal family when it comes to Seville.

Lion Gate

It is the main gateway to the Reales Alcazares.

The Monteria patio

As its name says it was the courtyard chosen by the Court to meet before leaving the game.

The plaster patio

It retains two arches and a stay that correspond to the old Almohad fortress, prior to the reforms of Pedro I the Cruel.

Ambassadors lounge

Of great ornamental wealth, dating back to the 15th century, its dome of gilded wood,a beautiful example of carpentry assembling.

Dolls playground

Small size with marble columns that support arches.
In the 19th century it suffered a major reform adding glass cover and the gallery.

Patio de las Doncellas

The original has been heavily altered by subsequent additives, It is worth noting the perfect fusion of Moorish style with Renaissance. The base tiles are from the 14th century.

Patio Cruiser

Its design is made on the old Muslim baths.

Halls of Carlos V

The area includes the rooms, salons and the chapel of this monarch, decorated with tapestries and tiling.


This set is the most beautiful in Spain.

Almohad patio

Although belongs to sets of homes this patio is part of the Almohad fortress. Its restoration is very notable.

Archivo General de Indias

The building of levanto as recruitment market in 1598 to trade with the Indies. In 1785 he went as Archivo de Indias, it houses much of the documentation of the conquest and colonization of the new world.

Barrio de Santa Cruz

Next to the Cathedral and one of the symbols of Seville, white, narrow streets, courtyards with fountains and flowers, nor missing the typical taverns, souvenir shops,… a neighborhood that you can’t miss.
Sevilla coches alquiler

Barrio de Triana

On the banks of the Guadalquivir River, this neighborhood left some of the companions of Cristóbal Colón on his first trip, notably calle Betis, (filled with terraces, restaurants, bars,…), Castilla and street purity with the popular Chapel of the sailors.

Barrio de La Macarena

One of the most typical districts of Seville. It highlights the Basilica de la Macarena, calle Bécquer, 1. Hours: 9:00 h to 13:00 h and 17:00 h to 20:00 h. raised in 1949 is one of the most visited to house the image of la Esperanza de la Macarena.

District of el Arenal and the river

Another air sailor district and hosts some of the most representative monuments such as:

The Tower of gold

Its construction dates from the 13th century and was used to control the tr maritime traffic on the River, in the year 1755, a result of the earthquake of Lisbon, he was about to be demolished since it was heavily damaged. It currently houses the Musée de la Marine.

Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza

Visits are guided in English and Spanish. It is the coso, nursing and the chapel. Built between 1761 and 1880, hence your hem does not form a perfect circle.

Palacio de San Telmo

Jardines de San Telmo. Visit requires the application for a permit to the Protocol service.

Its construction began in 1682 with the intention of creating a University Mareantes. Up to 1788 development activity, year in which step to be Navy school until it was closed in 1847. In 1849 it was acquired by the Montpensier family, which yield it in 1901 on the death of the infanta Luisa María to the bishopric. The cover (1734) is one of the most beautiful examples of Sevillian Baroque.


(Tobacco factory), calle San Fernando. It must be said that the factory has long been the main industry of Seville. In 1956 it was intended to accommodate the University. It currently hosts three faculties of law, philology and history, as well as a Rector and a library. The rest of faculties of are scattered throughout other areas of the city.

Calle Sierpes

Symbol of the Sevillian spirit, she spend all the processions at Easter and it contains many restaurants, taverns and the oldest and most traditional trades. The Church of el Salvador. Pza. el Salvador s/n. Hours: Monday through Saturday 8:45 h to 10:00 h and 18:30 h to 21:00 h. One of the most beautiful examples of Sevillian Baroque. It was built between 1674 and 1712 but subsequently add other decorative motifs and altarpieces.

Maria Luisa Park

The gardens were part of the Palace of San Telmo. In 1893, infanta Luisa María donated them to the city and added delight and garden of Mariana. Its adaptation as a public park was launched in 1911 and that serve as headquarters to the Ibero-American exposition of 1929.

Plaza de España

The most representative monument of the Maria Luisa Park, the work of Aníbal González, where you left the best of their mark, all the earlier modernism architectural styles come together in the building: Classic, Gothic, Renaissance and mudejar, unique in the whole of the great architectural works of Spain.

To learn more about Seville, we recommend you visit the official Seville tourism website

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