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If you looking for cheap Tenerife North car hire should not miss our car rental search engine that operates with the best Tenerife rent-a-car is a beautiful island that you should go with your own rental vehicle not to miss even a second of your holiday. You’ll find your rental car from a wide range of companies both inside the airport and the surrounding area. Keep in mind that these latest Rent a Car have free courtesy bus for travel to the office.

Tenerife North Airport

The first thing that you must make is your arrival and departure to the island. Please note that you have two airports, so the arrival and the departure may occur well different places and with different Car rental companies. If this is your case, have it present when performing your search and change destinations according to your needs. For cheap car Tenerife offers you a lot of opportunities, but we recommend that before seeking a destination as a rental in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, you opt for carrying out the search at the Airport Los Rodeos Tenerife. For searches in another airport of the island we recommend car rental in Tenerife South

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For car hire in Tenerife, getting the lowest rates, we recommend booking your car in advance. Although the Tenerife climate is pleasant in any season, the main influx of tourists occurs coinciding with the holiday season. Rent a car in Tenerife in low season is an opportunity you can’t miss if you are traveling in a quiet time of the year.

Car rental Tenerife North Airport

Car hire in Tenerife North Airport us gives a couple of possibilities. The first found in the interior of the airport, where we will not have to leave the terminal to pick up our car. This comfort is an increase in prices cars that we find in other companies located outside of the airport. This is the second option that is presented to us if you are looking for car hire in Palma de Mallorca cheap. We will have the disadvantage of having to move to the house rent car in a bus, courtesy of the company, and there signing our contract.

Tenerife North car rental: fuel policy

Tenerife North car rental fuel policy may be an indirect increase in the final price for the car rental. The car rental companies tend to present their vehicles under two formats. Cheap Tenerife rental cars are accompanied by a fuel purchase advance refund policy. This means that we will have to pay the fuel tank at the price set by the Rent a cheap car. We can recover the amount of the excess fuel if we abonemos surcharge as a rate. The indirect payment of fuel tank can assume an increase of fifteen euros onwards.

Car hire in Tenerife Norte Los Rodeos airport also supports the possibility of hiring a cheap rental car with a policy of fuel collection and return with a full tank or with a quarter of a tank. Here we have two possibilities. The first is you can ask for a deposit which will be returned once to check that full tank has returned. In the second, will not be charged us any bail. We must keep in mind that if we do not return the fuel tank as us was delivered, company may make us a charge for the value of the fuel missing including a charge by resportar.
If you have not been on this beautiful island, do not wait to discover their secrets.
Established just less than ten kilometers. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife North terminal is located in the Department of la laguna and mainly operates local lines and on European occasions.

With a traffic of passersby more than four million a year, its construction is carried out by the German operator demand to connect Berlin with Tenerife stopping in Andalusian lands, and premiered in 1946.

Considered as the first site of entry to the Canary Islands, Tenerife North Airport increased its notoriety from the construction of the second airport built to the South of the island. At the beginning of century was built a new terminal from tourists and after a fantastic exclusive Department for inter-island flights. This aerodrome joined the South moving the largest number of travellers from the Canary Islands, exceeding 13 million.

alquiler de coches Tenerife Norte

To do with car rental in Tenerife North


alquileres coches tenerife norte The margin of Adeje incorporates much of the tourist infrastructure of the Tenerife Island. Ideal hotels, Springs sports, shops, leisure spaces and miles of ribera arise along its coastline to write off its millions of travelers with all kinds of entertainment venues. Perfectly interconnected and organized fairly close to the highway of the South, is easy to move to their places most outstanding tourism: coast of Christians, outside of the Americas and margin Adeje, which make up the only city on vacation.

To become familiar with it, the best option is to leave the car and walk your dark corner escorted by the pleasant breeze marina and the spectacular picture of the sea, with the prominence near the island of La Gomera on the horizon. Abandoning the last shore Adeje accommodation, the road is interrupted and is necessary to return to the rental car to drive up to Callao Salvaje.

In the mooring of Christians, a small fishing village that no tourists until the fifties, still be an important task of fishing, in addition to the aquatic trade splicing Tenerife and La Gomera and other islands. From this point, calle de Guaza carries, circling the Bank, to the margin of the Galletas-Orilla of mystery, another large urban place in Arona.

alquiler de coches tenerife norteIf the tourism push has evolved in the area close to the sea of Arona, and Adeje high boundaries are at the opposite end. The high Constitution of both populations is based in what was the economic occupation of its residents, agriculture. Locals sought the upper surfaces, of higher quality, and fled from the dewatering of the shore.

From shore of Christians, a path rises after crossing the motorway, to the city of Arona, the main axis of the area. His artistic Centre spreads around the Church of San Antonio Prior and gives way to a beautiful allegory of the ancient building.

It is necessary to return to the city of Arona, from there see the small and quiet village of Vilaflor, located a kilometer and a half above sea level. In this village, distinguished as the highest in Spain, dominated by the Church of San Pedro de Bethencourt. Vilaflor will be surrounded by an extensive set of pine trees.

Next to the road that goes up to the Teide, after leaving the town, is fat pinar, one of the most outstanding examples of Canarian flora, to which nothing has been able to collapse. The thickness of the tree exceeds the ten meters in length.

The Teide

coche alquilado tenerife norteThe Teide is situated in the heart of the island of Tenerife. Looks at the island and is simply extraordinary. Teide has normally an arete of mists that decorate it so continues. It is three with seventy-two thousand meters above the sea level and, as it is well known, is the highest point in Spain.

It is a volcano, and this is precisely what transforms it into disparate. Today the field is entirely volcanic, filled with stones and cavities, swelled a dark sand, not so much as some coves of Tenerife, but dark grit. They will be quite a few landscapes that are going to admire the natural field of the Teide and almost all at the same Summit.

alquiler coches Tenerife NorteStroll the Teide is essential if you are in Tenerife. There is nothing more amazing than the Teide. At the top you can see incredible sunsets. It is getting up early, but not you can advance to the top without permission. You can request it on the official website of the Teide, with a maximum of ten tourists on the same form.

If you get according to path, keep in mind that it will be for a day and a set path. If conditions are favorable. the road to the Summit is approximately thirty minutes. You can stay a maximum of two hours. If you match schedule, it can be seen as the silhouette of the Teide clothes the island of la Gomera, and is a fantastic show.

La Orotava

Located in the upper part of the Tenerife land, in the homonymous enchanting basin, La Orotava is going to be a different ancestral village by its construction and Tenerife air. Charming, almost all of this region is going to be an amazing showcase of marinated, suitable housing for beautiful pictures.

Aged ancient town is worth a visit. The Church of the conception is a beautiful mausoleum, meanwhile the House of the viewpoints is a finished example of the building so exclusive that it normally has this island.

The demarcation also has a forest, name the daughter of the Fitografo, with more than 3000 copies of mulches in the tropics, nearly all of Africa. At the center of the village is preserved the victory garden, also recognized as the parks of the Manor, a green area of leisure with enough roads that run through the trees.
In the Orotava mountains there are countless shortcuts, ideal for mountaineers, some of whom even crowned National Park.

La Orotava provides 2 beautiful shores of sand of volcanic origin: Bollullo and Martín Alonso and none of these will go high people.
alquiler de coches en Tenerife Norte

alquiler de coches en Tenerife Norte

If you want more information of Tenerife we recommend you visit the official website of Tenerife tourism www.turismodecanarias.com

Tenerife North car hire models

In North Tenerife you’ll find several models for your rental. We show you some of them.

Mini in Tenerife North car rental

  • Peugeot 107 Discover more economical car for your rental at Tenerife North
  • Volkswagen Up A small car to explore the island comfortably
  • Toyota Aygo Feel the energy efficiency of this model Toyota

Cheap car hire in Tenerife North

  • Volkswagen Polo A classic available in North Tenerife rentals
  • Renault Clio Estate A car to explore the island at a cheap price
  • Mini One The cheapest kind of a perfect car to go in the company
  • Opel Corsa A very well known and requested vehicle

Car hire in Tenerife North Airport

  • Opel Astra A car to enjoy without hesitation of Tenerife
  • Volkswagen Golf Power without limits in this well-known vehicle
  • Renault Clio A vehicle that does not need introductions
  • Citroen Berlingo If you need to rent a car with maximum load capacity
  • Toyota Auris Hybrid A perfect eco-friendly car for exploring Tenerife
  • Renault Megane Convertible Convertible car option will always add something to our holiday

Convertible car hire in Tenerife North

  • Renault Scenic The perfect car to travel in total comfort
  • Toyota Avensis A vehicle of high class and low consumption
  • Volkswagen Passat A great car that may well belong to a higher category

Car rental 7-9 places in Tenerife North

  • Volkswagen Touran Seven perfect places for numerous host of holiday to Tenerife
  • Mercedes Vito lass, elegance, and up to nine seats very comfortables
  • Ford Galaxy 7 A unique way to visit the island in groups of up to seven seats

Luxury Tenerife North car rental

  • Mini Countryman All the magic of Mini available in North Tenerife rentals
  • BMW 3 A vehicle of outstanding high range for the vacation you deserve

Off-road car rental at Tenerife North

  • Toyota Rav 4 The road has no limits when you sit in this all-terrain

Find availability in the following rental houses in Tenerife North: Alamo, Avis, Budget, Centauro, Europcar, Goldcar, Hertz, Record Go, Sixt, Soloibiza y Thrifty.

Tenerife North car hire: map


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