Enjoying with your car hire Tenerife South

Car Hire Tenerife Sur: If you are vacationing perhaps you might want to know more information about car hire in Tenerife South. But if you don’t know where you’re going to move, do you know that car choice?

As rental car in Tenerife South

Tenerife Sur airport,, also known as Reina Sofia International Airport is located in the South of the island, in Granadilla de Abona Tenerife town. It is one of the main access points by which, thanks to the climate, can suffer car rental availability peaks.

For rent cheap car best thing to do is to make the reservation in advance. As it is normal in Rentacar market, while closest vehicle collection date, availability will be ending and prices, as a result, increase. On the main dates of the year, this increase may imply that we can not find cheap in Tenerife South car rental.

Car hire in Tenerife South Airport

When making our reservation we can select not only among a wide range of car rental in Tenerife South, but also between companies of Rentacar. Some of them are inside the airport and we will have to go straight to the counter. On the other hand others are located in the vicinity of the airport. For them, the car rental takes place after move in minibuses of courtesy to the office.

Tenerife North car rental: fuel policies.

Aside from the price of the car, many wonder about the costs added to Tenerife North car rental. While the auto insurance is an important issue, the truth is that in principle it will not increase the cost of the vehicle. Not so with the policies of fuel changing practically every season. Despite these changes, we can always categorize fuel into two broad categories:

We find the best customer in those rentals that do not make us pay for the fuel tank while we return the vehicle with the same fuel that us was given, of course. Some companies deliver the car with a quarter of a tank and others with the tank completely full. Care to leave your vehicle with less the delivered gasoline because they can charge supplements for costs incurred by having to refuel the company. These policies are known as delivery with a full tank.

The best for rental companies, or at least preferred by low-cost airlines, will force to pay a deposit in advance. It doesn’t matter to do the calculation of price per litre of gasoline because these deposits are included supplements the shōkaku. We will have a Variant, usually called purchase advance reimbursement, which if we can recover, at least in part, the first disbursement. Checked once the fuel remaining in the tank is going to reinstate the proportion to the first payment. But at this rate we will have to deduct management costs which are around 20 euros. It is the alternative to the anti-popular policy of full-empty. The price of the rental car tends to be lower, but the addition of management expenses can be that the cheapest option is no longer the cheapest car.

Tenerife: Attractive environment

Attractive environment, Tenerife is one of the favorite places in the world by those who understand more of the good rest and leisure.
But not only rest is Tenerife, since it gathers plenty of interesting cultural points that make it the most visited island in the archipelago a reference when choosing your next holiday destination.

Sites such as the old town, the auditorio de Tenerife and the Teide National Park, can not miss, as either they must attend the National Parador de las Cañadas, which is located in the Park as also the Refugio Altavista.

Tenerife Sur coches alquiler

All of these sites will be developed in the next few paragraphs to account for the magnitude of the natural beauty of this city.
To nurture the culture of the island it is essential to visit its historic centre and the former Palacio de Nava, as well as the convent of Santa Catalina de Siena and the Hermitage of San Miguel.

Tenerife Beaches

The beaches are another reference and we will emphasize them detailing the most beautiful, the most natural and Virgin and the most visited.

Regardless of travel nor the company, if it’s much as better, because go Tenerife is an adventure, so we recommend you do so via car hire, that protect your convenience with security not to miss any site during your stay.

At night, it also offers a range of possibilities between pubs, clubs and bars who know perfectly complemented the delicious local gastronomy.

alquiler coches Tenerife Sur

A treat for the eyes, a pleasure for the palate and a feast for all senses, so is Tenerife, chosen from those who know more in tourism.

Museums are, without doubt, a good part of the tourist attraction that Tenerife offers, so that special emphasis in which travelers can visit them and enjoy each one of them.

To stroll through the beautiful neighborhoods of the island, remember to take advantage of the wide range of vehicles offered by Soloibiza, one of the companies most often used by those who want to enjoy a quiet stay with the ease of navigating through all the town, making a much more pleasant walk, setting aside concerns about how to move. alquiler coches tenerife sur

Many, varied and scattered by all the lovely Tenerife are museums that we recommend, it is why having a vehicle that facilitates and optimizes your time during your stay.

The cultural offer

The cultural offer is wide and the island shows once again his dazzling side pointing to the dissemination and promotion of the different museums through brochures which are already in hotels and the, multiple tourist offices located in different parts of the city.

These informative brochures that promote the visit have been made in several languages to not leave a single traveler without the possibility to enjoy each site.

Museums that we recommend are:

  • Museum of nature and man
  • San Cristobal Castle
  • The House Lercaro
  • The Museum of science
  • The Cosmo de la Laguna


Held during the month of February, carnivals are the most important celebrations in all the districts of Tenerife, and particularly in its capital.

This event is one of the most colorful and famous not only in Spain, but in the whole world.

Its appeal brings together tourists, locals, and journalists from all over, offering a show like no other.

Declared of international tourist interest, summarized in its parades the majestic city is flying in glittering costumes with virtuous dresses and an environment that attracts a huge amount of visitors who come for the celebration.

Compared by his Majesty with the impressive Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, it welcomes more than 50 national and international journalists.
The important media coverage of this event, is covered by means of communication British, Italians, Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Finns, Chinese and Americans among others that ensure not only the importance of this holiday they promote the island as a very important tourist destination of high category.

Beaches in Tenerife

Warm climate that surrounds the island of Tenerife throughout the year make it a perfect place for a swim regardless of the time you arrive. Among the most famous beaches we will find the Costa del Silencio, Las Americas, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje. They are places that you can’t miss and need to enjoy in rental car.

For more information about Tenerife visit www.turismodecanarias.comofficial tourism website

Mini in Tenerife South car rental

  • Peugeot 107 A perfect car if you want to take an economical way to Tenerife
  • Volkswagen Up It won’t you difficult to find this small vehicle parking
  • Toyota Aygo The greener technology now available for rent

Cheap car hire in Tenerife South

  • Volkswagen Polo A very common and requested car in Tenerife North
  • Renault Clio Estate A known leftover car ready to rent
  • Mini One The youngest of the mini range can be perfect for Park
  • Opel Corsa A car known to all, now in Tenerife South

Car hire in Tenerife South Airport

  • Opel Astra A compact that you will surprise your rental
  • Volkswagen Golf A very common and requested car in Tenerife North
  • Renault Clio A vehicle largely known to all
  • Citroen Berlingo When someone needs more space, it appears our Berlingo
  • Toyota Auris Hybrid Low consumption is a good excuse to rent this car
  • Renault Megane Convertible The perfect Convertible car for your holidays

Convertible car hire in Tenerife South

  • Renault Scenic A large indoor space for your journeys
  • Toyota Avensis A perfect car to explore the island
  • Volkswagen Passat Quality in North Tenerife rentals

Car rental 7 or 9 seats in Tenerife South

  • Volkswagen Touran A five-seater with two optional seats car
  • Mercedes Vito A perfect nine-seat car for the most demanding groups
  • Ford Galaxy 7 Seven-seat rental is a perfect number for a group trip

Luxury in Tenerife South car rental

  • Mini Countryman A car with appearance of mini and heart of luxury
  • BMW 3 The most spectacular series of Bmw available at Tenerife Sur

Off-road car rental in Tenerife South

  • Toyota Rav 4 There will be no road in Tenerife that you resist

Find availability in the following rental houses in Tenerife South: Alamo, Avis, Budget, Centauro, Europcar, Goldcar, Hertz,  InterRent, Record Go, Sixt, Soloibiza and Thrifty.

Tenerife South car hire: map


Rent your car in Spain with alquilerescoches.com

In addition to the car hire in Tenerife South with alquilerescoches.com you can find your vehicle for rent in many of the most recondite points of Spain, in addition to the main airports. To do this you must only write the town where you wish to make a reservation and our search engine will give you the best listings of available rentals.

An example can be the cheap Formentera car rental, an island that is characterized by the strong demand in summer, even to the exhaustion of available cars, so we recommend reserving your room as quickly as possible.
If you are looking for other part of the car rental in Tenerife South rentals you’ll be able to find cars to book in other cities of Tenerife South tourist as Tenerife North, Barcelona, Malaga, Ibiza, Canaria, Alicante, Majorca, Fuerteventura, Valencia,LanzaroteMadrid, Seville and Minorca destinations