Economic car hire category is one of the most sought-after market, as well as the first to run out at the busiest times.

Economic car hire listing

Be aware that many car rental companies have several vehicles that could be included within this category. Not make endless lists, all companies tend to offer this model or similar. By similar we mean cars with the same number of doors and passenger as well as similar technical characteristics.

Opel Corsa

This car is a classic of Spanish roads and a vehicle that is will regenerate year after year. Low power consumption and features make it a perfect vehicle for hire.

Volkswagen Polo

The pole not far behind. If what we need is a vehicle to make our journeys with workstation reliability but an economical way can we find to our perfect car.

Ford Fiesta

If you are looking for an economical car that will allow you to enjoy a holiday with easy movements and a balance between quality and economy, you can not miss this vehicle.

Toyota Yaris

You can be one of the least known in the world of car rental but of course continues to be a good choice and very economic.

Mini One

A long time ago that talk about Mini ceased to be synonymous with low quality car. Like his older brothers, the equipment of this little monster of the road going to surprise.

Renault Clio

It is not a question of brand. It is a matter of get carried away at the controls of a car very maneuverable and perfect for small trips.

Citroen Berlingo

Aimed at those whose volume of luggage leaves behind the conventional. Whether it’s work as if it is for pleasure, the Berlingo offers an unusual luggage compartment.

Peugeot 207 convertible

Probably find ourselves before the most frequent convertible economic drive market. The cheapest option if you want to enjoy the different air that always brings a convertible car.

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