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Enjoy Gran Canaria with your rental car

If you’re thinking lucky holiday Islands, we are going to propose a visit with your car hire in Gran Canaria. Here is a small preview of what you can not miss. Car hire Gran Canaria
The Canarian climate, known since antiquity, is one of the main attractions of the archipelago

The climate has been one of the main assets of the Canary Islands as a tourist destination. Mild temperatures throughout the year and predominance of cloudless sky are a lucky combination that has served as a claim to all who visit us. A lucky combination of climatic and physical factors are responsible for that Canary Islands enjoy which has been considered by many experts as the “best climate in the world”.

One of the main attractions of the Canary Islands as a tourist destination is its mild climate. Tourist slogans speak of eternal spring, Sun or the best climate in the world insurance (such as Syracuse University certified it). We could not say anything new commenting that temperatures remain mild throughout the year. Canary recorded temperatures mean that roam the range between 18 degrees in winter and 21 degrees in summer on its shores.

Rarely exceed 35 degrees Celsius and the hours of sunshine are the highest in the world. That is, Canary Islands combines the predominance of skies cleared with very mild temperatures that contrast with the extreme temperatures that are recorded on the coast of the African continent, that is, barely 100 kilometers east of Fuerteventura.

A ride with the car hire Gran Canaria Las Canteras Beach

With little less than four kilometres in length, the Playa de Las Canteras is an essential milestone of the urban landscape of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This beach of golden sand and almost always calm waters, is a gift that nature has given to a city that has its most precious Lung in this magical corner. Stroll along Las Canteras is always a good excuse to spend an unforgettable day. You can scroll down to this beach with your rental car in Gran Canaria.

alquiler de coches Gran Canaria
The sea behind the city bustles. Cars, the noise and haste, inseparable cities companions, take over the streets but on the shores of the sea, everything is far away, even if just a hundred metres separate two completely different realities. The Playa de Las Canteras is one of those privileged in that one can forget the hustle and bustle. With its 3,800 meters in length, this space of blonde sand and calm sea is the great coastal benchmark of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a beach that serves for bathing, start diving, soccer, take the Sun, or simply walk and let the hours pass.coche alquiler Gran Canaria

The secret of this privileged place is a happy coincidence of factors that make Las Canteras, one of the best urban beaches in the world. On the one hand, nature has been very generous with this bit of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The isthmus of Santa Catalina (junction point between the island and the rest of Gran Canaria) was formed as a large sandy area of gentler slopes forming wide beaches of golden sand on both sides of the capital of Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Paradises

A sands fossil reef, known as La Barra, which extends to a distance of 200 meters from the shore for much of the length of the beach acts as a dam and Las Canteras turns into a magnificent Sandy pool of calm waters, full of life. A simple dive with glasses and tube allows funds filled with algae where thousands of fish share the space with tourists and local swimmers.

alquileres coches Gran Canaria

But there is still more. The quarries is a leisure area. Its location as a City Beach allows that a wide range of restaurants, shops and hotels is a few metres from the shore. And if we add to this climate, because already we can say little more. According to a study by the Syracuse University (United States) the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria enjoy the ‘best climate in the world’, an incentive that encouraged thousands of citizens to “down to the beach” the greater part of the year.

Alquiler de coches en Gran Canaria

Another important attraction of this area is its wide Boulevard. Don’t like to walk with bare feet in the sand, is the possibility of walking a few meters from the sea from the promenade of Las Canteras. This pedestrian street equipped with benches and a powerful night lighting allows long walks by virtually all of the coast West of the city. The best time? Without a doubt to the sunset. If the day is clear, the Walker can enjoy a magnificent sunset behind the Teide, in Tenerife neighboring. In those moments, the bathers are removed and the beach turns into a huge sports field where the young people of the city play football, beach volley or blades (Beach tennis). A drink or a coffee at one of the terraces of the paseo is the ideal closure for an unforgettable beach.

Sea and dunes in the South of Gran Canaria

Maspalomas is one of the best beaches of the coast of Spain. Here was where it all began. Before the millions of tourists arrived to their fine sands ‘ Sun of Europe ‘, Maspalomas is had already won a reputation as to make gouache before tackling the crossing of the Atlantic or paradise for birds to European naturalists. Today, the natural values of the southern tip of Gran Canaria are maintained but Maspalomas is known for its more than three kilometres of fine sand, calm sea, its Sun that shines throughout the year and the supply of services which is home to the most important tourist town of Spain. Enjoy this and other beaches with your car hire in Gran Canaria.

Sands of an intense yellow color reach the sea in a leisurely manner. The dunes are interrupted abruptly about 75 meters from the shore and beach is given a break before entering the sea. Maspalomas is one of the best beaches in the world. That not the slightest doubt; and that deny it, has simply not seen it or moves for malicious reasons. Their little less than three kilometres of fine sand have made this unique space in all a tourist attraction known in half the world. More than eight million tourists a year can’t be wrong. And it is that fame to Maspalomas arrives from afar.

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List of car rental in Gran Canaria

Explore the island can become a pleasure with the car hire in Gran Canaria right. Some of the vehicles that you can find here:

Minis in Gran Canaria car rental

  • Toyota Aygo A small car with low consumption ideal for island
  • Volkswagen up Enjoy more freedom of movement with this car
  • Peugeot 107 The most economical option for your car hire in Gran Canaria

Cheap car hire in Gran Canaria

  • Ford Fiesta A very common car on our roads
  • Opel Corsa The familiarity of this model is perfect
  • Volkswagen Polo The economic version of a five-seater
  • Renault Clio Estate Perfect when we seek a price/quality ratio

Car rental in Gran Canaria Airport

  • Citroen Berlingo For loads coming from normal
  • Volkswagen Golf A popular vehicle in the market
  • Opel Astra The pleasure of driving a large and reliable car
  • Renault Megane A superior car for comfortable movement
  • Toyota Auris The efficiency in consumption combined with quality

Convertible car hire in Gran Canaria

  • Renault Scenic A perfect family car for Gran Canaria
  • Toyota Avensis The kilometers seem smaller in this car
  • Volkswagen Passat A unique car that you’ll be surprised
  • Audi A4 Enjoy the pleasure of driving an Audi in Gran Canaria

Luxury in Gran Canaria car hire

  • Bmw3 Class and distinction in this rental car

Car rental 7 or 9 places in Gran Canaria

  • Volkswagen Touran Seven perfect places for rent in Group
  • Mercedes Vito The nine places per excellence with quality Mercedes
  • Ford Galaxy If you arrive with a small group, do not you think it

Off-road car rental in Gran Canaria

  • Toyota Rav 4 For those who want to explore any road

Find availability in the following houses for rent in Gran Canaria: Avis, Budget, CentauroDollar, Europcar,Goldcar, HertzInterrent, Record Go, Sixt, Soloibiza and Thrifty.

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