If you want to rent a car in Palma de Majorca you can use our search engine to find cars offer in different destinations offering the Majorca Island. With the rental of cars in Majorca, alquilerescoches.com, discover the best prices in the market.

The increased volume of tourists who receives the largest of the Balearic Islands choose the aircraft as a means of transport. Once disembarked, the car hire rates tend to differ greatly from those they find on the Internet. The reason is simple. The companies know that, once you have downloaded with suitcases, move to economical cars that are in the vicinity of the airport will not be so easy, or you will not get the same prices that if you make your reservation.

Car hire in Palma de Majorca airport

Offer cars are only through the different web pages offering mainly two types of companies. Within the first type we find houses for Rent a Car equipped with its own fleet of vehicles. Of course, that if you are looking in Palma de Majorca cheap car, you should just opt for Brokers companies. They offer same cheapest cars to own rental agencies and produce a very high percentage of final stocks of these companies.

Although it may seem to you that the difference in price is very high, keep in mind that cars are offered to these companies by a much lower value. Due to the large volume that generate companies brokers in the sale of cars, the percentage that can be used in its cars offers are much lower than those of the own companies, using the same advantages and conditions. It is for this reason that we find bargain cars, mainly in times when tourism declines on the Majorcan coast.

Car rental offers

Car hire rates They are constantly updated so it is necessary to search for cheap cars at every moment. Finding cars on offer , we recommend you to find the car that best suits your needs, including the extras. Some of them may leave you free.

Palma de Majorca car rental

If you are looking for cheap cars in Palma de Majorca is not the best option. Contrary to what happens in other cities as Madrid carlease, car rental agency on the island is distributed mainly in the vicinity of the airport. Here the space is much greater than in the center of the city. This is why the car rental cheap car have in companies working in this area, is typically less than companies that are located in the capital. But don’t worry because the car hire in Palma de Majorca is possible thanks to some agencies, even if their prices are not normally so cheap.

Car rental Palma de Majorca airport

Palma de Majorca airport car hire offers two varieties. We find the first inside the airport. Here we will not have to leave the terminal to pick up our car. This comfort is an increase in prices cars that we find in other companies located outside of the airport. This is the second option that is presented to us if you are looking for car hire in Palma de Majorca cheap. We will have the disadvantage of having to move to the house rent car in a bus, courtesy of the company, and there signing our contract.

Car reservation

Whether your arrival occurs in the months of more touristic arriving in low season, always book cars as far in advance as possible. Car hire in Palma de Majorca is highly conditioned with the arrival of tourists, attending conferences and a host of varieties that can make your car hire Palma Majorca. The reservation of cars even months before your arrival can provide you car on offer. They can include from sports cars to rental of vans for the same price as a vehicle of the cheapest range.

Rent a car Majorca: attentive to fuel policy.

Although we could extend us commenting on the variants that exist at the time of paying the fuel, the fact is that in Majorca car rental policies are reduced to two mainly:

On the one hand we have the collection and return with a full tank. Although priori this offer is usually more expensive than any other, may at the time of collecting your vehicle already not seem you as excessive. On arrival at the car rental companies you must pay nothing, or, in some, they will ask you a deposit if you do not return the tank full. But this deposit is usually returned immediately after the verification of the volume of fuel. Your vehicle you will go for, exactly, that value you found on the web.

On the other hand we have vehicles with advance purchase of fuel with refund. Here already we assure you that you will pay the deposit before you take the car. Our advice is that you give it equally packed so it does not offer the spent fuel doubts. The delivery of the vehicle you can request the refund of the deposit but they will charge a small amount for this return. Fair or not, is in the rental contract. If you add that amount called administrative fee to the price of the lease of the vehicle, as the first choice not you think so far-fetched.

You will discover with the car hire in Majorca

Rental car Majorca: If you want to fully enjoy your Majorca car hire may be a good time to get to know the place where you will spend the best vacation of your life.

Majorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands. Located in the Centre of the archipelago, its coast rests peacefully in the waters of the Mediterranean.

Its maximum distances are of 98 km. from East to West, and from 78 km. from North to South. The length of its coastline is 461 Km scattered between dramatic cliffs, beautiful harbours and beaches. The island is divided into three large geographic areas: the Serra de Tramuntana, the Serra de Llevant i EsPla.

It enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with an annual average temperature of 17 ° C and an average annual rainfall of 450 l/m2 in Palma.

Majorca is Mediterranean

The vegetation is typical Mediterranean: pine trees, olive trees and bushes. Agriculture, largely of dry land, is characterized by the cultivation of cereal, vines, olive and almond trees.

As for the fauna, not it will be difficult to see, at a glance, and on the outskirts of the villages, rabbits, hares, partridges, Kestrels, Blackbirds, lizards etc. It has to take into account that “insularity” factor has led to the emergence of numerous endemic species, as in the case of the “ferreret”, small frog, discovered in 1980.

Nor should we forget the beauty of the seabed or the large number of birds that bring their peculiar character to the coast. If you are interested in the observation of the fauna, we recommend a walk on the outside of the towns, since it will be a real pleasure.

All these factors make Majorca an island with a multitude of scenarios, incredible given their small size, and without a doubt, the ideal place to spend an unforgettable holiday.

S´Albufera i s´Albufereta

A visit to these areas will be attractive and very interesting, allowing you to enjoy a full day immersed in landscapes of nature still intact. We recommend you to come to this natural space with your rental car in Majorca.
coches alquiler Majorca

 Ses Fonts Ufanes:

The farm of Gabellí, next to the Hermitage of Sant Miquel, in the municipality of Campanet, houses a Holm oak forest in which occurs the most singular hydro-geological phenomenon of the island.

It’s a source vauclusian with intermittent headwaters produced because of the discharge of the aquifer UH-18-10, due to the accumulation of rainwater in the area of the Puig Tomir.

This area is rated as a Natural Area of special interest, in its highest degree of protection.

The uniqueness and the spectacular nature of these sources has motivated visits by researchers ycientificos of universities around the world, as well as plenty of onlookers eager to observe this peculiar phenomenon and enjoy a day surrounded by nature.

Nautical tourism

A Mediterranean clean and gentle, incomparable and hidden coves, a pleasant climate, a hotel plant varied and of great quality, unbeatable complementary offerings and facilities for the practice of nautical sports, make this island a paradise for lovers of the sea.

Providing the conditions for the practice of sailing, Majorca is currently headquarters for a considerable number of first class international regatta.

The Port of Portals, in the municipality of Calvià, houses, each year, the regatta Breitling Illes Balears. This prestigious regatta is part of the Medcup international circuit, to which also belongs the Copa del Rey, which takes place in the waters of the Bay of Palma.
alquiler coches Majorca

Sublime Mallorcan night

Majorca, while it is also known as “the island of calm”, has many places where you can enjoy of a wonderful and fun nightlife.

One option is to go into the heart of the city, in the area of La Llotja, where there are numerous restaurants where you can taste international and typical Majorcan cuisine dishes. You can also enjoy its bars and pubs, some of which offer live music, jazz, blues, funk, etc. It is a select atmosphere, where you can live an unforgettable evening.

But, without a doubt, we will find the most avant-garde nightlife atmosphere at Passeig Marítim. Here the best discotheques and pubs, different environments and styles, you will fascinate with a very sexy dream of light, color and sound in the Bay of Palma.

Punta Portals

One of the most luxurious areas of nightlife of Majorca is more than likely Punta Portals. A modern marina in an environment of restaurants, bars and pubs of high level, which brings together some of the famous characters, both national and international, who visit our island.

We should not olvider the area of Playa de Palma and Can Pastilla, where are located clubs and trendy in the seafront bars.

Towns such as Inca, Sineu and Sa Pobla have several interesting pubs which bring distinction to the nightlife of the so-called “Forana Part”, i.e., from outside the capital.

In many localities are conducted night activities on the occasion of festivities or during Vespers of the fairs. As summer approaches infinity of festivals, fairs and concerts are organized in all the municipalities of Majorca. These are part of our culture and have a high level of participation, both mallorcans and visitors who come to share a few hours of fun.
alquiler de coches en Majorca

Gastronomy Majorca

Traditional Mallorcan cuisine is based on a rich and varied diet, basically of Mediterranean type.

Some of the most typical dishes of Mallorca are the “pa amb oli” (slices of bread with oil, tomato and sausage or cheese). “Trempó”, delicious salad with tomato, green pepper and onion. “Sopes them”, based on vegetables with bread. Some of the most popular and well-known dishes are “frit mallorquí”. Made with offal and blood of Lamb with potatoes, onions and peppers as main ingredients. Or “tumbet”, made with fried eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes, without forgetting the “arròs brut”, a traditional dish eaten normally on the inside.

Our sausage par excellence is the “sobrassada” which can be consumed raw, fried or grilled. Regarding the pastry the prominence is for “ensaimada”, that lisa, or stuffed hair angel, cream, cream, etc. as well as bits of Sobrassada or candied fruits.

Other Islanders sweets are “Jack” almond “robiols”, “crespells”, and the known “potato coca” and “apricot coca”, among others.

Our famous “cocarrois”, stuffed vegetables, raisins and pine nuts, and Crescent-shaped, and the delicious “panades” (pies), can be bought at any oven or pastry round and filled with meat, peas, leather goods etc., a pleasure for your palate that can be consumed at any time of the day, being the perfect snack.
Majorca coches alquiler

The castle of Bellver

The city of Palma has an interesting Gothic architectural ensemble, to which belong the Cathedral (la Seu), as main religious building, the Palace of Almudaina, as the seat of Royal power. La Llotja, a building dedicated to medieval trade and commercial contracts. The Bellver Castle as military infrastructure and numerous palaces situated in the narrow streets of the old town, belonging to the nobility and the bourgeoisie.

Bellver Castle, located on the Bay and on the Hill of the same name, was built at the beginning of the 14th century. It served to residential functions of the Mallorcan monarchs Jaume II, Sanç and Jaume III, being subsequently used as a fortress. It suffered many sieges and promptly as prison, since for supporters of Jaume III. After his death even for prisoners from the Spanish Civil War. They passed through its spaces bandits, soldiers (defeated in the battle of Bailén) French, as well as numerous political prisoners of the 19th century, among which we emphasize to the Minister Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos (1802-1808).

The building, from which enjoy the best views over the city and the sea, is one of the four unique European circular castles. It consists of a two-story drum with a central courtyard, a cistern and a circular tower exempt pan base. At the bottom is another cistern, called “L’olla” and historically used as a jail. This set is surrounded by a moat, a ravelin with Barbican, a strengthened and a covert estrada.

More Information

If you want more information about Majorca we recommend you visit the official website of tourism in Majorca www.illesbalears.es. We recommend soloibiza.com for an economic car rental in Mallorca

List of car hire Majorca

Here are some examples of rental cars available on the island of Majorca

Mini car hire Majorca

  • Peugeot 107 The cheapest car to spend your holidays in Majorca
  • Volkswagen Up The city becomes more comfortable in this small giant
  • Fiat 500 A classic available in Majorca car rental
  • Citroen C1 A small car but with great maneuverability

Cheap car hire

  • Opel Corsa A car with which many are already familiar
  • Volkswagen Polo A classic of Spanish roads
  • Renault Clio Estate Let yourself be carried away by road on board a Clio
  • Toyota Yaris Feel the pleasure of driving a green car
  • Peugeot 207 Convertible The most economical option to go by Majorca in convertible

Compact car hire in Majorca

  • Renault Clio A car that you’ll be quite familiar ideal for your holidays
  • Volkswagen Golf A classic car hire that you can hire in Mallorca
  • Citroen Berlingo
  • Ford Focus Discover the amazing interior of a Focus
  • Ford C-Max Its sporty appearance says very powerful drive
  • Opel Astra Probably the largest compact cars
  • Renault Megane Convertible. Feel the place driving a convertible by Mallorca

Convertible car hire in Majorca

  • Skoda Octavia Spacious and well equipped, a good choice of vacation rentals in Mallorca
  • Volkswagen Passat An amazing car that you’ll be surprised
  • Renault Scenic The standard range family car
  • Ford Mondeo Estate Discover such surprising lines of this car
  • Toyota Avensis All the power of a vehicle that could pass for a superior range

Car rental 7 and 9 seater in Majorca

  • Volkswagen Touran 5+2 One of the seven places available for rent in Mallorca
  • Mercedes Vito A perfect for a group of nine passenger vehicle
  • Mercedes Viano Travel in group or with loads, no matter whatever your need

Off-road car hire in Majorca

  • Nissan Juke The road is only one track
  • Toyota Rav 4 All the power you need for any type of road
  • Mercedes ML A spectacular off-road to navigate any terrain
  • BMW X3 The magic and the kind of Bmw will never cease to surprise you
  • Range Rover Sport A classic of the 4 × 4 available for rent

Luxury Majorca car rental

  • BMW Serie 3 The Bmw 3 series is a new concept car
  • Mercedes Clase E A Mercedes car hire is always an experience, and in this case, much more.
  • Masseratti Gran Turismo convertible

Vans for rent in Majorca

  • Fiat Doble Cargo Applies when the load capacity at all

Find availability in the following houses for rent in Majorca: Alamo, Atesa, Avis, Budget, Centauro,Europcar,Goldcar, Hertz,Hiper, InterRent, Record Go, Sixt, Soloibiza and Thrifty.

Car rental in Mallorca business valuations
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Atesa[insert_php]echo (rand(75,75)/10);[/insert_php]
Avis[insert_php]echo (rand(85,95)/10);[/insert_php]
Budget[insert_php]echo (rand(70,85)/10);[/insert_php]
Centauro[insert_php]echo (rand(65,80)/10);[/insert_php]
Europcar[insert_php]echo (rand(75,85)/10);[/insert_php]
Goldcar[insert_php]echo (rand(50,65)/10);[/insert_php]
Hertz[insert_php]echo (rand(75,90)/10);[/insert_php]
Hiper[insert_php]echo (rand(60,70)/10);[/insert_php]
InterRent[insert_php]echo (rand(60,70)/10);[/insert_php]
Record[insert_php]echo (rand(60,75)/10);[/insert_php]
Sixt[insert_php]echo (rand(70,80)/10);[/insert_php]
Thrifty[insert_php]echo (rand(60,70)/10);[/insert_php]

Rent a car Mallorca: map


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